REMA TIP TOP takes over Schüth

REMA TIP TOP extents its range by gaskets, punched parts and aeration elements

Poing, October 23rd 2015 – REMA TIP TOP Group took over Schüth GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist for gaskets, punched parts and aeration elements. So, the company advances its diversification strategy in the division of end-products consequently.

The Hessian traditional company Schüth is a well-established business of high-quality gaskets, punched parts and aeration elements. “Hidden Perfection” is the philosophy of the medium-sized company, on which customers of 60 sectors for small, as well as large scale productions for over 100 million units, back on.

“With Schüth we broadened our portfolio in the area of specialized companies, which offer end-products on a rubber basis among other things and enjoy an excellent reputation on the market”, says Patric Scheungraber, board member of REMA TIP TOP AG. “We expect numerous synergies and ongoing growth by the cooperation of the competence in development of innovative rubber mixtures as well as semifinished products by REMA TIP TOP and the special industry-specific expertise of Schüth in the division of requirement and production area of gaskets. To ensure the greatest possible continuity in company development, Schüth will maintain its present company management for the future and stay at its present location in the area of Vogelsberg to keep operating independently.”

„By becoming a part of the world-wide successful REMA TIP TOP family, we will benefit more from the Know-How of the company in the division of rubber-technology as well as the global purchasing and distribution channels.”, says Udo Loos, general manager of Schüth GmbH. “We want to make Schüth an international company with Hessian roots. With REMA TIP TOP we will succeed even faster.”

REMA TIP TOP has for decades offered its customers in the material processing, surface protection and automotive sectors solutions that are specifically matched to one another and certified.

Products, services and engineering from REMA TIP TOP for corrosion and wear protection of conveying and processing plant can reduce industrial failures and outages while optimizing operating safety and production capacities, thus increasing profitability. The company has, moreover, made a name for itself in the provision and maintenance of conveyor belts.

As one of the biggest specialists in the world for the repair of tyres of all kinds, REMA TIP TOP actively contributes to and drives change in the automobile sector through its safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient products and systems solutions – a core capability given the need for climate protection, emission control legislation and finite oil reserves. Under the guiding principle of “We manage your workshop”, REMA TIP TOP places its trust in close partnerships with both the tyre and automobile industries and the specialized trade.

REMA TIP TOP stands for quality, service and innovative solutions in all of its business segments: ONE BRAND – ONE SOURCE – ONE SYSTEM

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