Industrial Gaskets



Industrial Gaskets

Hidden Perfection

Static Gaskets

Graphite gaskets

Sigraflex-Universal, DIN, ANSI

Sigraflex high pressure f. tongue- and - groove, special dimensions with ridges

Sigraflex-Universal Pro (TA-Luft)

Sigraflex-Hochdruck Pro (TA-Luft)

Sigraflex-Select (TA-Luft)

Graphite gaskets with inner eyelet

Graphite sheets

Metallic gaskets

RTJ Gaskets, oval, octagonal

Lenticular gaskets

Round metal rings

Welding ring gaskets

Diamond edge gaskets

PTFE gaskets, ePTFE tapes

DIN, ANSI Gaskets, sheets, sealing tapes

Special shapes, rectangular, oval, with ridges

TFM, ePTFE, PTFE/Glass, Gylon (Garlock), Gore-Tex (Gore)

Sheet format, 1500 x 1500, also special sizes

Rubber gaskets

Gaskets and sheets of various elastomers: SBR, NR, EPDM, CR, NBR, Silicone, FKM (Viton), Hypalon, Butyl, etc., 25°-90° Shore

Cellular foam rubber, sponge rubber as strips, gaskets or sheets

Soft PVC, polyurethane, cork and many more

Rubber/steel gaskets

Metal / Soft material gaskets

Grooved gaskets with soft coating (graphite, PTFE, mica)

Spiral wound gaskets with soft insert (graphite, PTFE, mica)

KNH gaskets

Fluted rings, fluted frames

Jacketed gaskets

Versions: up to 3000 mm dia., with ridges, oval, DIN, ANSI, rectangular

Certified TA-Luft, VDI 2440

Fiber gaskets

Reinz (AFM34, AFM 30, AFM 38, etc.)

Klinger (C4400, C4500, C4430, Top-Sil, etc.)

Donit (BA-U, BA-GL, BA-F, BAU-2000, etc.)

Frenzelit (Novapress Universal, Novapress Multi, Novatec Premium)

Hecker (Centellen WS3820, etc.)

DIN, ANSI gaskets, gaskets with inner eyelet

Special shapes, rectangular, oval, with ridges, sheets

Isulating material, packings, cords, tapes, sheets made from ceramic and silicate fabric

Glass cord, twister or braided

Glasspacking, braided

Ceramic packing, packing made of silicate fabric, wire-reinforced

Fabric tape made of glass, ceramic, or silicate fabric

Ceramic sheets, felt, filament fabric made of glass, ceramic

Aluminium silicate sheets (Isoplan, Asfilplan, Nefalit)

Temperature: 750° - 1200°C

Dynamic Gaskets

Pumps and fitting packings

Graphite packings

PTFE packings

Aramide packings

Packings made of PTFE with incop. graphite

Ramie packings

Carbon packings

Square and rectangular braids in all dimensions

Packing rings with angular section

Graphite packing rings

Pure graphite rings, pressed, continuous or divided

Pure graphite rings with stainless steel caps, cap rings

Pure graphite rings with foil inserts

Graphite quality: 98% or 99,95%

Graphite density: 1,2 to 1,8 g/cm3

Carbon rings

Shapes: with internal angle, round, V-division 45° or 90°

Rotary shaft seals, v-rings

Rotary shaft seals of NBR, Viton, all standard sizes in stock

Custom shaft seal production (also to match your sample)

Piston seals, scrapers, guide rings, top packings

Also production in various materials: PU, PTFE, Viton, NBR

Special dimensions


O-rings made of: NBR, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, Viton, Kalrez, PTFE, AFLAS, with Teflon (FEP) jacket

Toroidal sealing rings with vulcanized joints in all sizes and shapes

Machined O-rings in all sizes and colors

Squared-rings, X-rings, Guide-rings

Round and square cording - Approvals: DVGW, WRC, FDA, KTW